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Forklift Simulator is a Third-Person Isometric-Camera Driving-Simulation Game. You play as a forklift driver transport the goods in different maps. Your goal is to move those goods into a specific area! 

There are 14 levels to let players play and enjoy the realistic forklift controls. In the future, the game's price may increase because more levels are coming!!!

Warning: During your shipment, there are some annoying obstacles and dangerous organs that block your road! Be smart to avoid dangerous obstacles and finish the mission before time RUN OUT! But remember a role: Drive safety first!



WASD to move the forklift.

Up/Down Arrow Keys to Rise Up/Lower Down the fork of the forklift.

Left/Right Arrow Keys to Rotate the camera to Left/Right.

R to restart the current level.

Esc to quit to menu.

Xbox Controller (Not sure other controllers are working....):

RT: Go Forward

LTGo Backward

Left Joystick: Turn Wheels

Right Joystick: Rotate Camera

Y: Rise fork up

A: Lower fork down

Back: Back to menu

Start: Restart the level


Ricky Lyu (CaptainYou): Lead Game & Level Designer/Programmer/Concept Artist

Ziming Ma (Barry): Game Concept Designer/Game Modeller/Project Manager

Sy Suo (DJ Smoother): Quality Assurance/Announcer/Game Trailer Maker

Micheal Lee (Maiden Voyage): Technical Musician/Music Designer & Maker


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Forklift Simulator V0.81.zip 49 MB


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Cool game! Feels really polished and thought out. Level design is very nice. 

One technical question. Is it an gameplay choice to have the camera locked in 4 angles? Free rotation would work wonders in this game and could be a really fun addition. Some levels have some frustrating moments with the camera being blocked by level objects.

I am now 100% forklift certified! Big wins! The game was nice, when will the other levels be added? Also that one level in the military base is rigged, I couldn't get past the dropped bombs lol.


very cool game, congratulate :)
two propositions: You must think about player's keymapping and possibility playing in window


Here's a workaround for running (most) Unity games in windowed mode:

1. Navigate to the directory using a command line interface (cmd)

2. "Forklift Simulator.exe" -screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-height 1080 -screen-width 1920

Or you can make a .bat file so you don't have to go through that whole procedure every time.

windows and norton told me this was a virus im sad i couldnt play the game but im sure its a great game

Huh? How is that possible?


This is great! It's so polished and good I'm surprised you're giving it away for free. You should add leaderboards and release it as a commercial game. :)


noooo very hard....


Cool game, really relaxing to play while listening to podcasts.